The Tape

by Dessa Sons

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These songs were recorded as a 2 piece.
Recorded by John Hoffman.


released November 18, 2011


all rights reserved



Dessa Sons Cincinnati, Ohio

Band from Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Track Name: Beached Life
there's a lot that hasn't been told of where i'm from, where i've been and what i've done. some things are better left unsaid.
But just believe, you, me, you wouldn't believe just what i've seen- what these eyes have laid on...
Oh, the beaches of sharpest glass..of which i would break.
the morning light blinds me...I'm blinded as I awake in my bed of broken glass on which i'd break.
Track Name: Hibernation
i'd always climb the highest mountains i could find, but when i'd come down i wouldn't/i couldn't remember. i'd always try to plant my feet deep in the ground, but that safe embrace?...i never found because these eyes were blind for so long. but with new sight this hibernation is over. i swear to god its over. i swear to god. i'm waking up. i'm taking ropes down and i'm opening these windows. as for the basement i called home? i'll burn it down. and in my own fire i'll catch my breath. and burn these words into my skin... stay awake.
Track Name: Your nihilistic bullshit is getting REAL old
you're not better than.
i'm just not that mad.
with every stroke you paint the world a darker place, you see through pessimistic eyes you spew out arrogance and hate. and your nihilistic bullshit is getting real old really quick, behind the black walls you put up i see a scared boy. i don't wanna see the world like you. you have such a shitty attitude.
I'm leaving, they're leaving..everybody's leaving.
you're still there bitching about all your fucking problems you won't solve 'cause you won't take a look in the mirror...
it's ugly..
you're ugly.
Track Name: reach
my love where have you gone?
i've been here... still for years;
like the greatest oak eyes have seen.
my roots are deep, my reach is high.
awaiting patiently for a passerby.
and although no one knows my true worth
i still grow.
Track Name: Face full of cobwebs
starry eyed.
that's me all the time.
at the bottom of the sea trying not to breathe.
oh, awkward moments, i'm feeling vulnerable...
in situations i question why i'm in.
i lie- i try not to think about it.
i try-i lie to myself about it.
thats why i'm not alright around it.
it's like the gun in the hand of a violent man,
it's anchors for sinking ships.
it's hammers to nails in the coffin i helped build.
this is me finding solace with a face full of cobwebs.
like a tree uprooted, planted into concrete.
this is me being honest about all my problems,
this is all the shit i never said. you never listened.
Track Name: Jon Brack (Jon B)
dedicated to my friend jon.

it's bedtime but i'm sick of my dreams, scared of my mind.
i wanna wake up and see how the sunrise looks through your eyes.
but i'm still sleeping, I can't stop till screaming, i'll smash my head against this wall til blood pours from my face. Unnerving night terrors; they plague my conscience all the time and i can't stand i'm waking up.
{if i cannot wake up kill me now.}

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