Personalities in Consciousness

by Dessa Sons

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Recorded, mixed and mastered March-September 2014 by the one and only Mike Montgomery at Candyland Studios in Cincinnati, Ohio


released April 20, 2015


all rights reserved



Dessa Sons Cincinnati, Ohio

Band from Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Track Name: Quanta
I just felt like I should say something
but my voice it shakes and I'm hoarse from screaming
and the walls are melting, and I don't know time

So when the branches break
and we start falling
No stopping the crash now

I'm trying to find things that don't exist in my head
and when I am certain I've found them; ignorance
that I design

Hey, I have no idea what to say
So I dissipate from the all too created
and I'd be there
or I'd be here
but I'd still be so wrong about you, Heisenberg
Track Name: Shaman Noodles
I'm asked if I'm ok
like I'm suffering skinned knees
like I'm thinking of words to say
but I'm drawing blanks again
so I bite my tongue
'til I draw blood
and I bleed profusely
Delusion comes to life in the morning,
it dies at night.
I'm haunted, troubled and petrified.
The fear inside's akin to a pyre that I'm lying in
I'm set ablaze, alive on my death bed
and the colors spread like fire
of which I am not spared
I'm burning up
and the greatest thing I have ever known
is coming true
with or without you
I'm turning blue
Track Name: Baby Brahma Drama
a place inside where I can go outside and play.
And I'm unsure of
the coming months.
But I will let you know
when I know and how I feel about
and now I understand
where I stand and how you feel about
Track Name: Remix
As of late I've been sleeping away every sunny day I hate
I could change, but I think it's too late
Sometimes I feel less than alive
So I've been smashing car windows at night,
then we get high.
Track Name: Mystic Vegan Pizza (MVP)
Not to be confused with ascension
Am I still hangin' around, am I still plummeting down
in lower planes of life?
Like a rope wrapped 'round my neck
I've struggled for eternal breath, but only found impermanence.
I guess I'll dangle my feet and see how it feels not to breathe.
Virtuoso of the Logos
playing tricks on the abyss
I am I am I am
Blurring the lines of temporal illusion
Suffocate in total clarity of anxious, obnoxious
awareness forming ominous warning
Am I destined for an early death or is it all in my head?
The end begins again.
But in this moment I'll be happy, I am doing fine
I'll be patient, I'll stay focused, I won't lose my mind
to marble ceilings
or ten foot tapestries.
Track Name: Ambrosia
You're always home when I get home in the morning
You just lay there and speak as little as I do
And oh yes, I did trip
and I fell in
There is a way out, I must become the way out.
But like the bear I stay inside,
I get to know the floors and walls
And we danced and we danced for too long.
When the sun rose we were best friends, revealed oneness through that suffering.
The hardest words to sing are liberating
The piercing brightness in you is all I see
I hope that you can see the same thing
Track Name: Shift
I was hiding everything from everyone I knew
and everyone I knew was hiding me from you
I stole away from pisces and I sought aquarian
I peered into a trench that bore inside it
my own death.
At 33
I found the key
Laid in an open field at the end of a prayer
at the center of a black hole.
Track Name: Fox Acid
Track Name: So Below
Found myself within the caverns of my mind
It's nice to say hello again
I know it took forever to remember
but deception is cunning and quick.
An ignorance based existence; parasitic and sick.
Like vultures I'm left in the heat of the sun
Waiting for years for the right day to come home again
Lost in thought I struggle to reclaim what is and what was.
The refuse of reason lies hanging above me
like the barren wasteland beneath
Track Name: Cryptic Koan
I've got surprises
Well versed in explaining redundancies
it's not surprising to me
Wish away the wasn'ts
push away the wannabes
a life devoid of meaning
lacks sincerity.
I search through everything, I just come up empty.
Pursuit pervades reality
I am left within and left without.
The stone becomes the sun, semantic satiation.
What the cryptic koan says
is just a veil of cognitive dissonance.
The curse of gnosis bears resemblance
to rotten fruit in buried soil
Apotheosis cast as serpents tongue and persecution
this is the illusion.

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